More Dates

I mentioned a while ago that I had been offered some fleece (see previous post here) but I didn’t know what it was, well it turned up at the weekend – three jacobs fleeces. I’m thrilled to bits, even though it now means I’ll have to hold good on my self-promise to get out my spinning wheel. Two of the fleeces were a bit damp and one was quite wet so I have spread them out to dry in our barn. This is not a problem as I doubt I will have time to do anything with it before Christmas. I did however collect up the dagged ends that had been stuffed in with the fleeces. This I have washed and put to dry in my dayroom come weaving room. I hope to use it to practice with my drop spindle but if it is not good enough I can always use it for needle felting!

I haven’t had time yet to do any more to my Green Man weaving but I will take it with me while we are away during November and hope to get some done then, but as we will be visiting various relatives on our travels I’m not sure how much time I will have. having had to undo the first effort it is always difficult to get motivated again but I’m sure I’ll get in the mood soon.

This will be my last post until we return from our travels but meanwhile here are another two events that might be of interest to you, the first here in the UK and the second one for my friends on ‘the other side of the pond’:

Katie Russell Tapestry Weaving exhibition – Russian Arctic Convoys 26 November – 6th December, Dumfries and Galloway at Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Dumfries & Galloway. The exhibition is a collection of tapestry weavings on the Russian Arctic Convoys, inspired by accounts from veterans who travelled on these convoys. The gallery is open 10am – 4pm each day. You can see more on Katie’s web site:

World of threads festivalWorld of Threads Festival in Ontario,Canada, 1st – 30th November:  Corridor Galleries, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville, Ontario.






Autumn Events

As I have nothing to report at the moment I thought I would let you know of a few interesting exhibitions and events going on around the UK in the lead up to Christmas and which you might care to visit if they are in your area. Unlike the Colour Block exhibition I mentioned last time I promise you these are all still to come!

1st -30th November:  Scottish  Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition: Various venues  throughout Scotland, depicting the experiences of migrant Scotts over the centuries. Embroidered panels, not woven.

1st-2nd November: Made by Hand – The Contemporary Craft Fair: City Hall , Cardiff. The largest craft fair in Wales, with jewellery, pottery, furniture, textiles and glass.

2nd November: Artists and Makers Fair: Wendover Memorial Hall, Buckinghamshire.

2nd November: Autumn Quilt Festival: Airspace Conservation Hall, Imperial War Museum, Duxford. Quilt and patchwork displays, suppliers and a variety of workshops and demonstrations.

8th-9th November: Windsor Contemporary Art Fair: Royal Windsor Racecourse, Windsor, Berkshire. Showcasing artists, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, ceramicists and selected galleries.

21st-24th November: Knitting and Stitching Show: Harrrogate International Centre, Harrogate. A wide range of knitted works, textiles and supplies.

22nd November: Candle-Making Workshop: Black Country Museum, Dudley. Explore three main candle making techniques, using two types of wax.

22nd-23rd November: Designer Makers Christmas Market: The Witham, Barnard Castle, County Durham. Showcasing designers and craftspeople from around the region. Live demonstrations and free workshops.

7th December: Free-Machine Embroidery: The Makery, Beau Nash House, 19 Union Passage, Bath, Avon. A three-hour class demonstrating required  to perfect free-machine embroidery on pieces of calico.

All the above are listed in the Nov/Dec issue of Landscape Magazine ( but I would also draw your attention to one more during December:

January-sail card
One of Claudia’s delightful card designs.

From 4th December to Christmas: Art on the Quay: Christmas Shopping at Art on the Quay, Waldringfield Boatyard, The Quay, IP12 4QZ. Open Thursday – Sunday  11.00am-3.00pm. Maritime art by Claudia Myatt, plus books, prints, cards, calendars and nautical themed gifts.

Exhibtion Ends

The Tapestry Exhibition finally finished on 13th July and on Monday 14th we all went along to collect our work. This was done with mixed feelings – some relief that it was all over tinged with some sadness for the same reason! No tapestries were sold but several of us sold some of our cards, me included, so that was a nice little reward for our efforts. The Gallery at Nuneaton really did us proud, they were very friendly and helpful and made the whole experience most enjoyable for us. It is a wonderful vibrant place and if you are ever in the area I hope you will visit – there will always be something worth seeing.

I forgot to take my camera along but I took one or two photos on my mobile phone which have not turned out very well. Maralyn Hepworth’s Flax mill weaving was still on the wall so I took the opportunity to photograph it to share here. It came out a little hazy, partly due to the fact that the weaving was encased in a perspex frame. I also took one of the completed ‘Have-a-Go’ weave, again a little unfocused but here they both are:

Flaxmill Tapestry
Flaxmill Tapestry
Maralyn Hepworth
Have-a-go weave
Have-a-Go weave










You can find out more about the Flaxmill Tapestry from Maralyn’s website and ‘Weavers Yarns’ blog; links to both are on the sidebar Blogroll.

Post exhibition meal

After collecting our work we went out for a celebratory lunch together where we debriefed about our experience, talked about future weaving plans and speculated about where and when our next exhibition would be as well as generally chatting among ourselves about anything and nothing in particular. Above is a photo of us all, photo kindly taken by my husband on my mobile phone and unfortunately with the sun shining through the window behind us. Maralyn was not able to join us but circling round from the left you can see yours truly, Victoria Green, Jane’s husband John, Jane Freear-Wyld, Lindsey Marshall and Pauline Fisk.













Exhibition Pictures

As promised here are some pictures from the Nuneaton Exhibition. There is a link to each tapestry artist’s own website listed in the Blogroll in the side bar, where you will see more of their work. I have not pictured any of my own work here – there is plenty elsewhere on the blog!

Sensual by Lindsey Marshall
Lindsey Marshall
3 pieces by victoria Green
3 Pieces by Victoria Green










Raindrops on leaf
Raindrops 2
Jane Freear-Wyld
Pontesford Hill - By Still Waters
Pontesford HIll – By Still Waters,
Pauline Fisk








Unfortunately, due to a slight oversight on my part, I have no photographs of Maralyn Hepworth’s work. However you will find much to interest you on her website here, and on her blog (Weaver’s Yarns) here. Both these links can also be found in the side bar. I hope to feature some of her work on another occasion.

Weaving Day

The Tapestry Exhibition at Nuneaton has now been going for a couple of weeks and yesterday I visited it for the first time since delivering the work.

Have -a-go WeaveFour of the six of us went along for the day to make ourselves available to talk to people visiting the exhibition and answer any question they may have about our own work or about tapestry weaving in general. In the photo Maralyn Hepworth has just finished setting up a floor loom with a chunky warp so that visitors could ‘have a go’. She also took along a basket full of colourful chunky yarn and we were on hand to help and advise the many adults and children who gave it a try, selecting their yarn colour and adding to the design. By the end of the day it had progressed well and was looking very striking. The loom will be left at the gallery so that visitors on other days can also play around with it.

On arriving at the gallery I was a little disappointed to note that the cards I had made were not on sale although those produced by the other weavers were. On enquiring I was told that it was because there were no descriptive labels attached to say what and whose work they were and that they needed to talk to me about labeling them. I had stuck labels on the backs of the cards but due to to the way I had placed them in the cellophane packets these were not visible. This was the first time I had ever prepared cards for sale and I obviously hadn’t given it enough thought. I had to carefully peel the packages open and place the envelopes inside the cards so that the labels on the backs of the cards were visible through the cellophane. I shall know better next time! I am pleased to say that by the end of the day they were on sale alongside those of the other weavers.

Work on displayI took several photos of the exhibition but unfortunately most of them were not very good, all being  a bit dark. Here is one of two of my pieces alongside two by Jane Freear-Wyld. Next time I go along, which will be on my demonstration day on July 1st, I will endeavour to take some better photos and share them with you.

Overall this was a most enjoyable day with a very satisfying number of people passing through the exhibition, talking to us and having a go on the loom.

Now the work for the exhibition is finished I am ready to plan what to do next and long to get something going on at least one of my looms. Seeing the work of my fellow exhibitors is most inspirational. I have also been planning what to weave on my small frame loom on my demonstration day and have today strung the warp onto the loom in preparation. I have elected to do a Navajo style motif. This geometric design will hopefully be, like my exhibition pieces, ‘simple but effective’, allowing me to weave and talk to people without losing my place or making too many mistakes – at least that is the theory!