Have I really not posted anything here since August? I have however not been idle. I confess I haven’t done a great deal of weaving and my ‘Green Man’ is progressing slowly. I will do my best to finish him over the Christmas holiday period and hopefully have the completed article ready to show you in the New Year.

What I have been doing is learning how to crochet. This is a skill that I have tried several times in the past and always failed miserably. It’s not that I didn’t understand how to do the stitches but more a problem of not knowing where to stick the hook, especially when doing rows and counting stitches, so I could never arrive at the correct number of stitches in a row. Then I discovered a new tutorial magazine (possibly second time round) that builds week by week to teach the ‘Art of Crochet’ – which is the title of magazine.  (Visit the website at  I bought the first issue and, hey presto, all my problems were solved and I was hooked (excuse the pun). In fact I was so chuffed that I had it sorted I began working out patterns and doing things from other sources and I began to wonder if I really needed to continue to subscribe to the magazine, but for the time being I will continue – there is always more I can learn!  Here’s me wearing an Acorn Cup Hat I made from a pattern in ‘Landscape’ magazine (I have mentioned this magazine before – about a year ago when I knitted some little Christmas stockings!):

Acorn Cup Hat

We have recently been away touring through France and Spain for the whole of November and during our travels we visited some friends in the north of France and my cousin further south as well as our daughter, who lives in Spain. As it is getting towards Christmas I decided to crochet some little Christmassy gifts for each of them, my daughter’s set being done while travelling and finished just in time!

Christmas CoastersChristmas Jar cosy

The reindeer and robin are intended to be coasters, but it occurred to me that you could put a loop at the top and turn them into hanging decorations. The jam-jar cosy is my own Christmassy take on an earlier project I had tried while learning how to work in the round; the holly leaves are felt and the berries are red beads. It contains a jar of Mincemeat – always welcomed at Christmas by English people living abroad!

As this will be my last post before the New Year I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas (or whatever festival you celebrate at this time of year) and best wishes for the New Year. See you all again in 2016!