I am  writer, poet and illustrator and have published two collections of poetry, one for children and one for a more grown up readership, both sold in aid of charity. Information about these books can be found at www.silverburnpublishing.co.uk and there are links to my other writing blogs in the sidebar links.

The purpose of this blog  is to tell you about my journey as a Tapestry Weaver. As a child I learned to sew, knit and embroider from my mother.  Growing up I always enjoyed the look and feel of textiles, although of course I didn’t think of them as textiles then. Later I added soft toy making, cross stitch and needlepoint (often called tapestry) to my skills. I was fascinated with weaving and had a Spears ‘toy’ weaving loom, but in those days I lacked the patience to put on the warp, I wanted to get on with making something and didn’t consider warping as part of the process so I soon lost interest.

When my own daughter was old enough I bought her a Spears weaving loom and she had the same problem with it, in fact I played with it slightly more than she did but I never considered that I would do any serious weaving, after all you need special equipment don’t you? It’s difficult isn’t it? Then it all changed when I bought an old book from the library and discovered tapestry weaving. Until then I had only associated weaving with making cloth.

I am entirely self-taught, from books, from looking at other people’s work and from applying a bit of good old-fashioned common sense and logic. I have no professional training or qualifications. I’m only a beginner and I still have a lot to learn but the aim of this blog is to show that if I can do it so can you. I hope I inspire you to give it a go – what have you to lose? Happy weaving!


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