Christmas Crafts

Story book coverI can’t believe I have not posted here since January 1st! In my defence I have been rather busy this year with my new children’s illustrated story book ‘The Thirsty Flowers’ which finally arrived at the end of November – just in time to make a few sales before Christmas. Although the story was written some years ago and was broadcast on BBC Radio’s ‘Listen With Mother’ programme this is the first time it has appeared in print and I have updated the story a little. It has been delightfully illustrated for me by a very talented young art student and, like all my books, the net profits will be donated to a children’s charity. You can read more about the book on my publishing website at ‘Silverburn Publishing’.

Fir cone table decorationWhilst I have been busy with the book I have not had much time to spare for my weaving or other craft work but I have not been entirely idle and, in this run up to Christmas, I would like to share with you some of the Christmas decorations I have made. These use all natural plant materials, with the exception of ribbons and the few silver ‘berries’ on the table decoration (above).

Home made holly wreathI have often in the past made my own wreath but in recent years have bought them to save time, however they seem to get more expensive every year and, since I have all the necessary materials in my garden, it seems rather silly to buy when I can make.  All too often the shop bought ones include artificial add-ons which to me rather defeats the Yuletide idea of ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly….’  I prefer the real thing!

Hanging firconesThese hanging cones use Cotoneaster berries rather than holly and were adapted from an idea in ‘Landscape’ Magazine, which I have mentioned before on these pages. I hung them at my French Window for the photo but they now hang from my dresser in the kitchen.

I have only recently returned from about six weeks touring through France and Spain (where our daughter lives) and all the fir-cones used were collected on my travels so the decorations also make a lovely reminder of our holiday. I have several more cones left but have run out of time now I think – ah well, there is always next year. In the meantime I wish seasonal greetings to all my readers and end with the promise that I will try to blog here more regularly in 2017!