Still Knitting

Since my last post I have been continuing with knitting projects and still avoiding weaving!

First I knitted a lacy cowl which I sent to my cousin in France for her birthday. I have never knitted anything so fine before and it caused me one or two problems; trying to undo such fine yarn to rectify mistakes was a nightmare. The pattern was supposed to be suitable for a beginner and came with the yarn as a free kit with a knitting magazine that I treat myself to occasionally. I’m no beginner but I found it tricky so I can’t imagine how a newcomer to knitting would have managed! Part of the problem was that the needle size given was quite large for the thickness (or should I say thinness) of the yarn and I used metal needles which caused the stitches to slip quite a bit and occasionally drop off. I think perhaps it would have been better if I had used my bamboo needles. Anyway I was pleased with the result, even if a couple of mistakes did slip through the net, but as these would not be noticeable to the casual observer they didn’t spoil the overall effect.

Lace Cowl

Next my eldest son asked me to knit second pair of fingerless gloves for his wife as the first pair, which I pictured in my last post, were a great hit. So I found some sparkly blue acrylic yarn (she is allergic to wool) and set about adapting a pattern for a plain pair knitted flat rather than in the round. I used a twisted rib stitch all the way up the back of the hand:

Twisted Rib gloves

My daughter-in-law was most surprised and delighted when I turned up with them! I had thought she had requested them herself but apparently my son had used his own initiative. In turn she asked me to knit some for her sister and even supplied the yarn. I thought it would give me something to do in the evenings while we were away in Spain for a couple of weeks so I agreed, again knitted flat, adapting the original plain pattern. This time I used a leaf lace design up the back of the hand. On returning home and having plenty of yarn left over I also knitted a cowl/headband, adapting yet another pattern but this time knitted in the round on a circular needle so that the design went upwards to match the gloves:

Leaf Lace gloves and cowl

Finally I knitted a couple of flower broaches, which I haven’t photographed and one of which I have sent to my youngest son’s girlfriend in Germany. The other I shall keep for myself. Maybe I will get around to posting a picture some other time. I might even post the instructions for the fingerless gloves too.

While all this was going on I missed a recent meeting of the Midlands Branch of the British Tapestry Group to which I belong. The date clashed with a charity event in aid of The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Trust which I had agreed to attend to sell copies of my poetry books including my book of verse for children ‘Barking at Nothing’, which was produced to support that charity. You can find out more about the books and the charity from my  Silverburn Publishing website, listed in the blogroll. I understand that at the Tapestry Group meeting the possibility of holding another exhibition was discussed and we are now searching for an appropriate venue. Time to get weaving again I think!