Slow Progress

For various reasons and excuses I have still not applied myself to weaving lately, but it has been so long since I last posted here that I thought I had better write about some of the things I have been doing. At this time of year it is cold in my weaving room (our dayroom/conservatory) and it is much more comfortable to sit by the log burner in the lounge and knit!

Lacy fingerless glovesI have recently finished these lacy fingerless gloves and a matching cowl for my daughter (although it is me modeling them here). There is a story attached to this project, which I shall now tell you.

When my daughter was a baby I started to knit a pink lacy jacket for her but somehow I just never got around to finishing it. I had done the back and the two front pieces but not the sleeves or the button/buttonhole band. The project has been bundled away in my stash for years and my daughter is now an adult. During that time I had thought to finish it for another baby girl but this never happened and when my daughter-in-law was expecting I decided that if she had a girl I would finish it for my grandaughter. However this was not to be – she had a boy! So I recently came to the conclusion that the jacket would never get finished and I should use the yarn for something else. As it happens my daughter likes pink and since the yarn was bought for her in the first place I decided on this project for her. I think I still have enough of the yarn left for another set, if I undo the half-knitted jacket, or maybe some other similar as yet undecided project.

Celtic Knot MittsI have also, just yesterday, finished these ‘Celtic Knot’ fingerless gloves for my daughter-in-law. I haven’t given them to her yet! She runs her own business looking after pets while their owners are on holiday or out at work and I thought these would keep her hands warm while leaving her fingers free to do her work. She is allergic to wool so these are in an acrylic and lurex mix which I hope will not cause her any problems! They are very cosy and warm.

The cable pattern is not particularly difficult it you are used to doing cables, but it does require concentration or you might lose your place. I downloaded the pattern for these mitts for free from ‘Ravelry‘ (you can by-pass the sign in process if you wish by typing ‘Celtic Knot Fingerless Gloves into a Google search!).

I confess I am still in knitting mode but I am feeling rather guilty that I have made so little progress with my Green Man weaving that I really must get myself motivated to continue – it is just that first push that is needed. I’m determined to have some progress to report next time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Postscipt:  It is with sadness that I have to report the death a few weeks ago of my friend and weaving mentor Pauline Fisk, one of the weavers who exhibited beside me at the Nuneaton exhibition last year and also one of the Shropshire Yarns weavers. Pauline was also a talented writer of teen fiction and a previous winner of the Smarties Prize for literature. She will be sadly missed by her family and many friends. Both her weaving and her authors websites are listed in my blog roll.