Christmas Stockings

Cutlery StockingMy much travelled Green Man weaving went with me all through France and Spain but I have to admit that I didn’t touch it at all! However it wasn’t an entirely craft free holiday.

More of that later but first let me explain the Christmas Stocking – this is a fun knitting pattern that I found in the Christmas issue of ‘Landscape’ magazine – I mentioned this magazine before, a lovely glossy magazine that I have only recently come across. The little stocking, done in double knitting wool, has a cable pattern that you can barely discern from the photo and is intended to hold cutlery for each place setting at the Christmas table. The recommended wool was quite an expensive one but I had some cheap acrylic red sparkly yarn in my stash which is just perfect and I bought some cheap white acrylic yarn for the tops, so each stocking works out at quite a reasonable cost! Since I am hosting our family Christmas dinner this year I thought it would be fun to knit at least one for my Grandson Tom and if possible do enough for everyone. There will only be six of us sitting down to dinner and I am on stocking number three so fingers crossed I will get them all done. They take me about two evenings a piece.

Handbag for RuthBack to the holiday; while we were touring down through France I decided to knit this little handbag as a gift for my cousin Ruth who lives at Villefrance de Rouergue near Toulouse and who we were visiting for a few days on route to Spain to visit our daughter. This is in chunky wool so was very quick to knit. To avoid doing the lining by hand I lined it with some pale yellow check fabric that I had taken with me for the purpose once we got to my cousin’s, using her sewing machine. The pattern did not require the bag to be lined but it seemed to me to be a good idea to stop it stretching. The handles are looped through the cable pattern at the top and can be pulled up to make it into a shoulder bag if she wishes.

While visiting my cousin I went with her and a friend to a textile craft exhibition and sale in the local town. There were many stalls with knitted, embroidered and woven items for sale (though no tapestry), people were demonstrating spinning and there were items made from hand spun wool as well as lace making, tatting, quilting and other skills on show. For a small local event I was most impressed. Unfortunately my French was not quite up to conversing with the crafts people other than in the most simple of terms!

Ruth’s ‘thing’ is card making and she makes most of her own Christmas cards with great artistic flair. This made me feel rather guilty that I just buy them, so this year I have made a few, including one for Ruth and her husband, which is nowhere near as good as hers!

Now that I am home again I have all the catching up to do to prepare for Christmas so it seems unlikely that I will be doing any weaving for a while.

This will be my last post until the New Year but just maybe I might have some weaving progress to report then. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year as you celebrate in your own way and look forward to your company again in 2015.