More Dates

I mentioned a while ago that I had been offered some fleece (see previous post here) but I didn’t know what it was, well it turned up at the weekend – three jacobs fleeces. I’m thrilled to bits, even though it now means I’ll have to hold good on my self-promise to get out my spinning wheel. Two of the fleeces were a bit damp and one was quite wet so I have spread them out to dry in our barn. This is not a problem as I doubt I will have time to do anything with it before Christmas. I did however collect up the dagged ends that had been stuffed in with the fleeces. This I have washed and put to dry in my dayroom come weaving room. I hope to use it to practice with my drop spindle but if it is not good enough I can always use it for needle felting!

I haven’t had time yet to do any more to my Green Man weaving but I will take it with me while we are away during November and hope to get some done then, but as we will be visiting various relatives on our travels I’m not sure how much time I will have. having had to undo the first effort it is always difficult to get motivated again but I’m sure I’ll get in the mood soon.

This will be my last post until we return from our travels but meanwhile here are another two events that might be of interest to you, the first here in the UK and the second one for my friends on ‘the other side of the pond’:

Katie Russell Tapestry Weaving exhibition – Russian Arctic Convoys 26 November – 6th December, Dumfries and Galloway at Castle Douglas Art Gallery, Dumfries & Galloway. The exhibition is a collection of tapestry weavings on the Russian Arctic Convoys, inspired by accounts from veterans who travelled on these convoys. The gallery is open 10am – 4pm each day. You can see more on Katie’s web site:

World of threads festivalWorld of Threads Festival in Ontario,Canada, 1st – 30th November:  Corridor Galleries, Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville, Ontario.