Who would have thought that such a simple design would be so difficult to weave? Well, yes I suppose that should be fairly obvious since it is a spiral and so the curves progress in such a way that you are frequently adding more colour threads. This is the design that I started for my Gallery Day at the Nuneaton exhibition (read about it in my previous post here).

Spiral weaving

As you can see progress has been slow. This is in part due to the weather – it has been so hot that weaving with wool has been something I just couldn’t do for very long at a time and some days not at all. I even took it with me when we were away for a week but didn’t touch it during that time. Fortunately it has been a bit cooler recently and so I have been able to weave again

Then again, this is the most complex piece I have woven to date – a deliberate decision on my part in order to progress as a tapestry weaver. As mentioned in my previous post on the subject I am using three earthy colours for the spiral and randomly blending two colours for the background. These two are beige and white. Both of these are two-ply wool and I am using the beige just as it comes, but so that the white does not show too much of a contrast I am unplying lengths of both the beige and the white then using one single ply of each together for the lighter areas. I am slightly increasing the white content as the spiral nears its centre.

The spiral itself still causes me a few problems, mainly due to sorting out the three shades (it would have been far easier just to use one) and from time to time I have to undo and re-do some areas – but that’s weaving for you! Hopefully before too long I will be able to show you the finished piece.


2 thoughts on “Simple?

    • Libby August 8, 2014 / 11:03 am

      Thank you Daphne 🙂

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