Gallery Day

I had a most enjoyable day at the Gallery on Tuesday. A steady flow of people visited the exhibition and stopped to talk to me, many of whom were either weavers themselves or were very interested in weaving and other textile arts. The visitors included a couple from Australia as well as a freelance journalist and a photographer who were at the Gallery to report on another exhibition but who drifted into see the Tapestries and thought it might be worth doing something on that as well – all good publicity for us if anything comes of it.

Th Spiral BeginsThe result of all this enjoyable chatting meant that I didn’t actually get a great deal of weaving done, as you can see from the photograph. I had set up my small frame loom once more and woven the bottom inch or so before going along to the exhibition. This time I decided to work with a cartoon behind the piece as the design chosen was a ‘simple’ spiral and I would need guidance for the shape. I also decided to blend some white in with the beige chosen for the background, to make it a bit more interesting than just a solid block of colour and also for me to practice the technique.

This design proved more difficult than anticipated (don’t they always?) and I had trouble introducing the colours for the spiral, for which I am using earth tones – a mid-brown and two shades of green. I undid and re-wove this bit several times while I was at the Gallery until I finally got it sorted just as my stint at the exhibition was coming to an end. The  interruptions to my concentration as I chatted to the visitors probably paid some part in this, but then that was what I was there for and correcting mistakes is a frequent occurrence anyway. Actually once I got home I decided it still wasn’t right so I have since undone it yet again. It is now  just about back to this point once more and I think it will do this time.

Have-a-Go WeaveThe Gallery is not very well-lit in terms of taking photographs with my little camera but I did try again to take some photos. Here is one of the ‘Have-a-Go’ weave. As you can see several people have taken up the challenge but with no-one there it advise it has got rather pulled-in at the sides! You can just see the edge of the table where I was working on the left.

I hope to post some other pictures from the exhibition in a few days time, once I have had a chance to sort through them.


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