The Last Two

Here are the last two of my exhibition pieces ready to hang:

Aftermath Mounted
Red Shift Mounted
Red Shift








My original plan had been to frame these two pieces and I bought a frame to do the first one, intending to buy the second frame once I had checked out how it would look. However when I measured them up, once you take in to account the surrounding mount and the size of the frame, each piece would end up significantly larger and although this would set them off nicely I was in danger of ending up overflowing my allocated gallery space. So it was back to plan B, which was to stitch them to an artists stretched ‘box’ canvas as I had done with ‘Pinwheel’ (see previous post).

At first I decided that ‘Aftermath’ would look good on a pale blue background and ‘Red Shift’ would be quite striking on gold, but I hadn’t got any emulsion or acrylic paints in suitable shades. Thinking again I realised that, not only would they both look fine on a grey background as previously used for ‘Pinwheel’ but this would also give unity to my display.  I then discovered that my husband had used all the grey paint when he did the background for ‘Pinwheel’ – so off he went to buy a small ‘sample’ pot of grey, hoping it would be a reasonable match. In fact it was a perfect match and went on so well that only one coat was needed on each, whereas ‘Pinwheel’ had needed two coats. Stitching was a different matter; it was just as awkward to do as the first time I tried it, but again I am pleased with the result.

So at last all the tapestries are prepared for hanging, all that remains is to attach the appropriate labelling that the gallery requires and then they will be ready for delivery. I have also produced some cards to sell in the gallery shop and a selection is pictured below. I can’t quite believe that the exhibition is almost upon us and that I have actually got everything done in time. I am now looking forward to planning new weaving projects over the coming months.

Greetings cards


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