Finishing off and preparing for hanging is the next job. It was at this point that I decided to weave tabs at the top of ‘Goodnight Mr. Moon’ (previously just ‘Goodnight’, but often referred to as ‘Mr. Moon’, so I combined the two!). It seemed to me that, with the planned tassels along the bottom, it would look better hanging rather like a banner than simply attached to a batten with velcro or similar hooked tape. This latter method, an accepted way of hanging tapestries, is what I will use for the two bigger pieces, ‘Red Swirl’ and ‘Zig-Zag’, (which I have now renamed ‘Passing Through Gilded Peaks’  – a bit less mundane and with a touch of mystery don’t you think?).

Fortunately I had not, at this stage, cut the weaving from the loom, but I had already woven a hem. So I unwove this and wove hanging tabs instead. Here is the finished piece, complete with tassels:

Goodnight Mr. Moon

Well almost finished. Have you ever wondered what a tapestry looks like from the back? Have a look at Mr. Moon:

Back view

You can see all the thread ends dangling. This is fairly tidy as there are not too many colour changes, but a more complex  and detailed weaving would look like a shag pile carpet. You can also see the white area along the bottom which is the hem turned back, and the same between the tabs at the top. The beige ends are the warp threads, which were ‘plaited’ along the hem-line before being sewn down with the hem. It is acceptable to leave the back like this, if trimmed a bit more, as the packing down of the weave traps the ends in place and prevents them coming unwoven. Because ‘Mr. Moon’ is intended for a child’s room I shall back the tapestry with cloth as a precaution, to make sure there is no risk of little fingers fiddling with the loose ends.

The jury is still out on the final way of dealing with the other tapestries, but they will either be framed or mounted in such a way that they will stand alone with no frame showing. I shall report back again once it is decided and they are finished.


2 thoughts on “Hanging

  1. Pia April 8, 2014 / 12:10 pm

    Perfect solution for this piece!

    • Libby April 9, 2014 / 9:53 am

      Thank you Pia, I am pleased with the result – now on with the rest!

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