Side by Side

For my next exhibition pieces I returned to my Big Beastie loom, now installed in our new conservaroom, alias my studio (or playroom, as my husband calls it). Having cut off the two cushion covers that I had worked side by side (see here and here to view) I pulled down the warp and tied it off again on the bottom beam as there was still plenty of the original linen warp, with a 6 epi sett, to go at. I didn’t want to work to the full width of the warp as this would be too big and take too long – I could complete more work more quickly if I wove smaller pieces, so once more I decided to work two pieces side by side, but not a matched pair this time.

It was design time again. I had inspiration for one piece from a strange source. One of our neighbours often clears out scraps of wood from his shed and gives it to us to burn on our multi-fuel stove and one day, amongst a bag of firewood, I found a painted cut-out of a crescent-shaped ‘man-in-the-moon’ with a hanging loop as if it had been part of a child’s toy. I decided to simply draw round it and incorporate it into a design for a hanging suitable for a child’s bedroom. The colour scheme spoke for itself and I already had suitable colours.

The second design gave me a little more pause for thought. I decided I wanted to try weaving something sideways. This is an accepted technique in certain circumstances, especially if the design incorporates a lot of long vertical lines as it is easier to do these horizontally. Finally, after searching through various pattern books for inspiration I decided on a simple zig-zag pattern with vertical bands incorporated in the design. Choosing a colour scheme was the next problem, but I had plenty in stock to choose from without the need to buy new.

Here are the two pieces being worked side-by-side on the loom, remember the one on the right is sideways on:

Two tapestries, side-by-side

I call the moon tapestry ‘Goodnight’. Here is another picture of it nearly finished. There is only the top triangular pattern left to do, to match the bottom.

Goodnight nearer completion

For the finishing touches there will be a tassel from the tip of the moon-man’s hat and tassels hanging along the bottom. Woven tabs at the top will loop over the hanging batten. The finished piece will be approximately 16 x 14 inches, while  ‘Zig-Zag’  will measure 22 x 14 inches.



2 thoughts on “Side by Side

  1. julespaige March 27, 2014 / 1:10 am

    You are indeed multi-talented! Good luck with your weaving!

    • Libby March 27, 2014 / 9:56 am

      Thanks Jules, and thanks for visiting.

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