The Return of The Beast (Part 2)

Things are not always as easy as they seem!

The design for the cushion covers was a simple, basic design and I did not anticipate too many problems weaving it, but in fact it posed some of the same problems as my black and white sampler and the pinwheel design, with the constant changes of colour. For the semi-circular sun I found that I had to constantly change the direction of working each time I introduced another of the diagonal rays.

Then there was the diagonal lines themselves.  Warp is vertical, weft is horizontal which makes angles and curves somewhat difficult to achieve. Diagonals are fine if they are more or less at 45 degrees but in this design some of the diagonals are much closer to the vertical. To create the angle, the weaving has to progress in steps. The steeper the diagonal the bigger the steps, the bigger the steps the more obvious they become! With steps of one or two rows they barely show but three or more rows and you begin to notice them. Another problem with bigger steps is that you then have larger vertical slits. These can be prevented by various techniques for interlocking the colour changes, but this again  can often be noticeable and spoil the visual line. I opted to leave the slits with a view to sewing them up once the work was finished – also an acceptable technique.

However, as I said, the design was fairly basic and so work progressed quite quickly. Here is one of the completed cushion covers, as you can see the diagonals are a bit wonky here and there:

Completed Cushion Cover

While I was weaving this project we were having a conservatory/room built on the side of the house. It is a light and airy room with several windows and a conservatory style roof and is quite big, being almost the depth of the house, front to back. It was decided to move the Big Beastie loom down into the new room where it would fit nicely at one end and still leave space for seating at the other end where French Windows open onto the garden. This would also free up our spare bedroom once more for visitors! Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the loom in its new space to share with you at the moment – maybe when I share another project.

We decided to leave the cushion covers on the loom while we moved it once more, again to avoid any problems with fitting the warp. I was surprised how quickly I managed to get it set up and the tension adjusted to my liking this time – practice makes perfect, or so they say.

There was still plenty more warp left to use so when I cut the cushion covers off the loom I pulled down the warp and tied it off on the bottom beam ready for the next project. I confess that for reasons to be revealed at another time I haven’t yet made up the cushions. Also, though I have the cushion pads ready, so far have not found any suitable fabric for the backs. There are not too many fabric shops in my area and I am going to have to look further afield when I can find the time – at least that’s my excuse!


2 thoughts on “The Return of The Beast (Part 2)

  1. TextileRanger March 16, 2014 / 3:34 pm

    Curves AND diagonals at all different angles! Very ambitious and I think they came out beautifully!

    • Libby March 17, 2014 / 4:38 pm

      Thank you so much. It turned out to be harder than I expected! 🙂

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