More Practice

After I had finished ‘Blue Moon’ (see previous post) I turned the wrap-round frame over to use the warp on the other side and had to decide what to do. You may remember I mentioned that, when weaving the black and white sampler I had had a bit of difficulty with this area:

Black and white sampler 1

The reason for the problem was because all the changes of colour came to a point. When using more than one colour, especially when vertical joins are involved (necessary or you end up with a slit), it is usual to have the colours travelling towards each other or away from each other in each row when weaving, but the under/over sequence must be kept correct.  When joining colours at a point it becomes necessary to use only one warp end for a new colour and the thread may need to go over or under that warp. Here lies the confusion, because if you think about it, a weft end going under just one warp in effect doesn’t really exist and so it is easy to get the under/over out of sequence and the direction of travel wrong.

I decided that I needed more practice with joining colours at a point so I ‘designed’ a triangular pattern with the colours coming to a point in the middle, then realised that what I had drawn was a well-known ‘Pinwheel’ design often used in patchwork. I am pleased to report that weaving it was considerably less traumatic than when I wove the black and white sampler as I now had a better idea of what I was doing!

I used some ‘carpet thrumbs’  (wool off-cuts from the carpet manufacturing process and hard to come by these days but ideal for weaving) that I bought in a local charity shop. Judging by the cellophane packaging they were wrapped in they had been in somebody’s wool stash for some considerable time. There  was approximately 500 grms of  each of four shades in light brown, beige, golden-yellow and white, for a very reasonable price and I had treated myself to them for Christmas. I used only three in this piece, the beige, yellow and white. Like ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Pinwheel’ measures 8 x 8 inches on a cotton warp sett of 6 epi .

Pinwheel Tapestry


2 thoughts on “More Practice

  1. Pia February 9, 2014 / 1:30 pm

    Looking very sharp and even! Our second hand shops NEVER have cool stuff, no good yarn, no wool sweaters to felt and make stuff from, just acrylic and rubbish.

    • Libby February 9, 2014 / 1:54 pm

      Thank you. The carpet thrums were a rare find, though I have occasionally found knitting yarn before. Pure wool garments for felting are in short supply these days!

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