Leap Forward

Leap forward several years. Years spent involved with the day-to-day running of our small holding, where we have, at various times, grown vegetables to Soil Association standards, kept chickens and goats (producing milk and yoghurt for a local Health Food Shop), raised pigs and kept sheep as well as ponies and horses and, of course, dogs and cats.  This is the time that I did most of my cross stitch and needlepoint work, but all thoughts of weaving faded into the background!

Then the children grew up and we decided to downsize. We sold the large Georgian farmhouse and some of the land to move a mile down the road to the small town where we now live. After a few years in the new house, spent refurbishing and extending my husband was one day rummaging in the loft when he found a bag of wool and asked “What’s this?”

I took a look, “Oh,” I said, “that’s the wool for that weaving I was going to do. You were going to make me the loom to make it on.”

“What loom?” he said, “I don’t remember that!” So I had to hunt for the book and show it to him. This time he actually set to and began to make it for me.

While I was waiting I once more got out the Spears children’s loom and decided to weave a scarf from the project booklet that came with the loom. I used some 4 ply yarn that I unravelled from a jumper I had been knitting for my eldest son when he was quite small but never finished. The photos are of the work in progress and the finished scarf.

Scarf on Loom          Finished Scarf


2 thoughts on “Leap Forward

  1. The Weekly Day December 13, 2013 / 6:13 pm

    There’s just so much to do in the world and too little time to do it!

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